Josh Berkowitz  

Law Director 

"Josh Berkowitz serves as Your Law Director.  Josh is the Chief Legal Officer for the City of Norwood.  The Law Department provides legal advice and counsel to all Norwood city departments, employees, and elected officials.  The Law Department also prosecutes all cases in Mayor's Court.  Josh Berkowitz advises city leadership on issues such as employment contracts, economic development, zoning, and code enforcement.  Josh also represents Norwood in court when a lawsuit is filed against the city or a city employee.  

As Law Director, Josh has emphasized professional excellence in providing advice to city offices and employees:

"The people who make local government work need to feel secure that they can do their jobs without fear of liability from frivolous lawsuits or time-consuming red tape.  The Law Department's highest priority is to protect the men and women who are out there protecting us and making Norwood a safer, stronger place to live."

The Law Department has also played an integral role in the planning and development of the Rookwood Exchange, University Station, Paycor, and the Rookwood Medical Center.  

"Smart, efficient development is a powerful engine of economic growth in Norwood.  The Law Department offers Norwood the very best legal advice available, so that these projects are completed without costly delays or expensive litigation, creating new jobs and attracting new homeowners and businesses to our community."

Josh Berkowitz is also an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney in the Felony Division of Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters' office.  Josh is in court each day prosecuting serious crimes including murder, rape, child abuse, drug trafficking, burglary, and robbery.  

Josh is married to Elizabeth Berkowitz and is a proud Norwood homeowner.  Josh and Elizabeth are members of Holy Trinity Parish and recently celebrated the birth of their first child, George.  Elizabeth Berkowitz serves as a Magistrate in Hamilton County Domestic Relations Court.  Josh also serves on the Hamilton County Law Library Board.  He is an avid sports fan and enjoys exercise, reading history, and spending time with his family.  Josh is a Lifetime Member of the NRA and is proud to support the protection and value of all life.  

Josh Berkowitz
has recieved endorsements from
Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters
Cincinnati Right to Life PAC


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