Al Boehme

Candidate for Council Ward 1




      I live in West Norwood on Elm Avenue right behind the Middle School, my former High School.

My two daughters and their sons live in Norwood, Sherri on Maple Avenue and Marla on Wayland Avenue.

I am a life long resident of Norwood and have many years experience as a resident, and I am very knowledgeable about how our city works.

I am a semi retired electrician, retired Real Estate Agent and a former Zoning Board member.

I served in the U.S. Navy Reserves and in the U.S. Army in Germany during the Berlin Wall Crisis.


     I need your vote to put me in office as your council representative so that I may reflect your voice on the Council floor.

If elected I propose to hold Ward One meetings on a regular basis to receive your input and to hear your concerns. Perhaps together we can clean up West Norwood, improve the housing stock, plan and control development wisely and do something about our image and high crime rate, and do something about the graffiti. That is one of my concerns. What is your most urgent concern?

I supported keeping our Health Department and Id like to see more services for our legal residents.

How about a full time Police Sub Station with trained and qualified volunteers?  Lets try to kick crime out of West Norwood.

How about a Bike Trail and Skate Park?


      I am a regular guy, not a bureaucrat or professional politician. I have a love for my community and do volunteer work in the community. My hobbies are riding my motorcycle, and my involvement in the various clubs in the community and I volunteer when ever I hear of a need.


Help me to help West Norwood and its residents by voting for Al Boehme for City Council, Ward One on November 5th.





Al Boehme

Home: 631-6607

Cell: 207-4243